Kitchen Inspiration from Sintra’s Pena Palace

copper pans

Today, I’d love to share some old-world kitchen inspiration from Portugal. Sintra, a village outside of Lisbon, is worth a visit for a day or even more. There are so many historic palaces to see, as it was a center for the Romantic Movement, a playground for poets, architects, set designers, and creatives with big imaginations. The Pena Palace is a big tourist attraction. It’s filled with lots of crazy colors, patterns, patinas, and tiles. The kitchen is my favorite room, and a dream for all you copper pan lovers out there! I love the scale of the large pans and large wooden furniture pieces, ideas easily adaptable in a modern kitchen. And as always, the tiles inspiration from here is immense!

green tiles

sintra pena palace kitchen

copper pans kitchen

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  1. Hi Chelsea,
    I love reading your blog about your Lisbon life. It made me curious about the city. Hence recently travelling through Lisbon from Miami to Malaga with my photographer husband we found we had a layover of 15 hours. I searched through your blog for ideas of things to do and we found ourselves at the Jardim Estrella, enjoying the Autumn sunshine, the pastel coloured buildings and coffee in the kiosks. We knew we would return, so making good use of the very reasonable priced fares with TAP Portugal we booked a flight for next summer. Rick Stein, an English chef with a TV show recently visited Lisbon and introduced us, through his show,to Sintra….then you write a post about it too..must add that to my to do list!

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