Handmade Gift Ideas from Portugal

handmade gifts

Gift giving can be wonderful with handmade gifts and time carved out to consider each purchase. I love to share the small, undiscovered artisans of my adopted country of Portugal. Buying these lovely products will support tiny businesses operating with love and skill. And the cool thing is, these unusual finds are unique, and surprising gifts for loved ones!

1. Hand-painted notebooks.

2. Naz Clothing. Online store coming soon, send a message to their Facebook page. The fits are easy and their sizing system is simple!

3. Old-fashioned key holder.

4. Hand-carved walnut spoon.

5. Onions and garlic keeper.

Photos courtesy of respective brands.

Flower Salad with Herbs for End of Summer

Have you ever eaten a flower salad? It’s one of my favorite ways to bring color and life to a meal. I’ve been planning meals around flowers since I was a teenager, before it was the latest foodie craze. Tossing them into salads, on sandwiches, and as a last minute garnish, adds a fanciful note to any meal. Here’s a simple end of summer salad to enjoy with any meal:

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On Our Bookshelf: Comestible Quarterly

comestible quarterly food
Anna Brones, a Swedish American, Paris expat, and fellow Northwest girl, writes the loveliest books (you can see them here). Her projects focus on coffee breaks, bicycling, good food, and living intentionally, but Anna´s approach to these subjects is timeless and lacking the preciousness that is often so common with these topics. She wrote one of my favorite books about Fika. Her latest project is a charming little zine, Comestible, focusing on food! And as much as I love making and viewing food photography, she´s left that out of the magazine, and it creates a quiet, and instantly refreshing publication focusing on interesting but accessible food.
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A Simple Way to Eat Strawberries

When spring arrives in Lisbon, the winter roasted chestnut sellers are replaced with strawberry sellers peddling the latest seasonal favorite under pink umbrellas around town! I usually get mine though at the organic farmer´s market on Saturday in Lisbon´s Principe Real neighborhood. It´s my favorite market and makes for a sublime Saturday morning ritual (and a reason to get this non-morning person out of bed.) My new favorite way to eat strawberries is with some yogurt, basil, and rose petals!
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