Block-Printed Textiles (Special discount code!)

green scarf
In continuation of our handmade gift guides, I am sharing a favorite block-printed textile source today. Tulsi makes the most divine block-printed scarves, pillows, and table linens all printed in India with designs originating from owner, Tara Hogan’s glorious sketchbook. The organic, graphic designs add color and life to a wardrobe and home. Read more about this thoughtful company, below.

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Handmade Gift Ideas from Portugal

handmade gifts

Gift giving can be wonderful with handmade gifts and time carved out to consider each purchase. I love to share the small, undiscovered artisans of my adopted country of Portugal. Buying these lovely products will support tiny businesses operating with love and skill. And the cool thing is, these unusual finds are unique, and surprising gifts for loved ones!

1. Hand-painted notebooks.

2. Naz Clothing. Online store coming soon, send a message to their Facebook page. The fits are easy and their sizing system is simple!

3. Old-fashioned key holder.

4. Hand-carved walnut spoon.

5. Onions and garlic keeper.

Photos courtesy of respective brands.

Knitting Kits by We Are Knitters (Giveaway!)

knitting kits
I was so excited to find out about We Are Knitters! Their knitting kits and patterns for wardrobe and home are so fresh and modern. Order a pattern from the site, and in the mail you’ll receive a special knitting kit containing all the yarn, pattern, and needles. Available in easy, intermediate and advanced, the kits make knitting, fun and sustainable. And, it’s just such a wonderful way to slow down for the winter. They also sell supplies separately. All needles are 100% beechwood, yarn is Peruvian wool and much of the yarn is made from leftover fabric! Read more about We Are Knitters here.

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Street Style from a Rainy Day in Porto

street style porto
Endlessly inspired by the mixing and matching and personal style I see on the streets here, I am excited to add street style back into the site! I spotted this lady to the left of the lovely man with awesome glasses, on a rainy day in Porto. I love how she makes all-black more interesting with pops of red in a scarf and tote, layered hemlines, modern booties, and just a touch of pattern. Her ensemble feels classical, elegant, but fun and modern too! To me she epitomizes Portuguese style for woman. Poetic, a bit dark, and sophisticated without being stuffy.

Photo: Frolic!

Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

rachel sees snail shoes

While in Portland for a short visit over the summer, I had the chance to visit Rachel Corry’s studio for her handmade shoe brand, Rachel Sees Snail Shoes. I fell in love with her handmade sandals and clogs and her shop displaying her refreshing style through local, handmade goods. In addition to Rachel’s gorgeous line of shoes, she also offers shoe making classes. Upcoming classes are on the November 13th and January 15th. Details here. Below, the fun and colorful new look book from Rachel’s shoe line, shot by Airyka Rockefeller.

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