Taking Cues from Lisbon’s Cafe Spaces

fabuloso lisbon

For the coffee shop addict, Lisbon cafe spaces offer an acute cultural experience as well as an abundance of visual eye candy, interior design inspiration, and of course delicious treats and coffee. Lisbon cafes fall into three categories for me: new wave, modern Portuguese, and traditional pastelarias. Today, I want to share a few of my favorite modern Portuguese spaces. These spaces blend the traditional pasteleria elements like marble, dark wood, and ornate woodwork, juxtaposed with modern elements and unexpected details. To me, these spaces offer the best of old and new aspects of Portuguese design. After all, there’s something so exciting about blending tradition and history with a bit of innovation. If you are looking for the full experience of good food and good design, in a quiet spot, don’t miss these charming spaces when you visit Lisbon. But for now, I’ll share a visual tour and perhaps you’ll find some ideas for your own space.

lisbon cafe

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Flower News

lily of the valley

I’d love to share a bit of news with you today!

I have an in-person flower class here in Lisbon that I’ll be teaching as part of an event with Sanda Pagaimo, you can see more details, and sign up over here. In the class, we’ll be making a hand-tied bouquet with some foraged materials as well as locally grown flower stems. It should be fun! Be sure to check out the details of Sanda’s event as there’s a dinner, a pop-up shop, and a Lithuanian egg painting class which I’ve taken before and is truly wonderful!

There are two new sessions of my online flower classes beginning February 20th. More details here:

Flower Arranging 101

Feel free to email me, should you have any questions! Have a lovely day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I thoroughly enjoyed this article from NPR about today’s holiday. Brilliant thoughts are included for everyone. I always remember how encouraging it was filling out the Valentine’s Day cards at the flower shop. It was such a great reminder of how much love is floating around this world! Here are some posts that might be helpful for you today:

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Have a beautiful day!

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