Pearl Giveaway

When I graduated from university, my grandmother gave me her mother’s champagne pearl necklace. I’ve been a fan of pearls every since that moment when I felt such optimism and hope for the future as most young graduates do. Whenever I bring out those pearls, I am brought back to that innocent moment full of promise, 16 years ago. It’s with this in mind, that I share these sweet, simple, and classic pearls in partnership with The Pearl Source, a family business based out of Los Angeles for 20 years, to share and give away their beautiful products.


Choose one of these lovely pieces and leave a comment by November 16, 2016 with your favorite, to be entered to win one of these three products. Entries open around the world. Good luck!

Pearl Earrings

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Pendant

pearl bracelet

pearl earrings

Update: Our winner, Diana has been contacted. Thank you for your entries!

Photos courtesy of The Pearl Source. This post is sponsored by The Pearl Source.


  1. I wear my grandmother’s pearls whenever I want to feel in control. Every job interview, every power meeting. When my beau took me to NSW for the holidays three years ago, each time he took a swim in the ocean I’d call out for him to bring a black pearl back to shore. I’d choose a pearl over a diamond any day.

  2. Wow, all are beautiful. So hard to choose. But first choice would be the bracelet just as shown above in pink. And second choice the pendant. (Hope we’re allowed to put 1st & 2nd picks!) thnx! And great story. I remember my Grandmother’s pearls also!

  3. I love the earrings! They are a simple and classic way to add style to any outfit. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  4. I lost one of my beloved pearl earrings years ago and haven’t replaced them! I was just thinking of getting a new pair someday. And love that they’re a family business.

  5. I’d love to gift the earrings to my daughter for her birthday – she would look lovely wearing this classic accessory to class.

  6. The story of pearls continues..with my mother’s charm bracelet, starting one birthday as a gift from my father. Every year a unique and bewildering charm was added from a destination of travel, a special place, a special gesture. The day I was born, a silver pram with a pearl nestled inside it was given to commemorate that milestone. Ever precious, ever thoughtful. I am
    my mothers’ pearl. I would wear the earrings to subtly say “here I am, as precious as these pearls”..

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