Sweden in the Fall

gotland window
Last night I went to bed reading my new Fika book and as Autumn progresses, my mind keeps wandering to my time in Gotland last year. I happened upon some photos today that made me smile. Here are a few images and stories about Sweden in the Fall. Above: A Cottage in Gotland and An Unexpected Trip to Gotland.
A Day Trip to Faro.
A Visit to Leva Kungslador.
Fika and A New Friend in Gotland.
Photos by Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Sweden is beautiful. We were there this August for a fortnight, travelling around the southern part up to Uppsala and it was probably the best holiday ever. Also one of the most beautiful autumns I saw was when I stayed in Finland for Erasmus. I keep remembering it every year when the temperatures start to drop.

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