fika frolic

With the cold, dark, windy days here in Gotland, I’ve been indulging in the Swedish tradition of fika! Fika is basically a coffee break during your day, where you sit down with friends, co-workers, or family and indulge in a hot cup of tea or coffee and something sweet. It generally happens around 11 am and 3pm. The cafes and coffee shops here are particularly cozy. There are always fresh flowers and plants, lanterns outside, and candles everywhere! Fresh cinnamon rolls and pastries are displayed beautifully of course.

fika frolic 2Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Photos taken at Berså Butik, H10, and Gula Huset. In Visby on Gotland (in Sweden).

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  1. It looks so warm and inviting, Chelsea! And charming! What a wonderful tradition those Swedes have…..glad you are enjoying your time there. Wish I could hop over there to join in on all the fun!!

    Shirley xox

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