Happy Weekend!

garden arrangement

Hello! Next week I’ll share some photos from my new adventure in the UK. It feels really lovely to be in England as I’ve always felt a part of me lives here. My granny hails from Leeds and last time I was in England I was a wee 22 year-old studying flower arranging so it’s all incredibly special. What are you all up to this summer? Any exciting garden harvests or vacations?!

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Have a beautiful weekend, friends!




  1. Hello Chelsea. Its good to hear that you are enjoying your UK visit – not this week’s weather tho, I’m sure!!
    I wondered whereabouts in Leeds your Granny came from – its where I live at the moment!
    Love your blog, which I have been following for a long time.
    Fingers crossed for the weather getting better for your stay here.
    Jill xx

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