vintage fashion: at the beach


For the remainder of the week, I’ll be posting photos from my grandmother’s scrapbook. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. On Sunday, I was finally able to go visit her and it was fun to go through all of her albums. I find her style so inspirational, especially because she and her sister and their mother sewed all of their own clothing (my mom carried this on and I am afraid it stops with her!). See more photos here.

Above: My grandmother in 1938 in Manitoba, holding a box camera and wearing a scrap of fabric she wrapped creatively to wear to the lake. Below: Posing at a beach in Saskatchewan. Her mother embroidered the initials on her bathing suits.


I love this coat but love the hair bow even more.



  1. oh wow!!! what a lovely treasure-trove of images! your grandma certainly was talented and quite pretty. 😉 I can’t wait to see more–I just love being inspired by snapshots from the past!

  2. These are beautiful!

    I can’t help but notice the contrast in women’s style in these and my own grandmother’s photographs from Ireland. It’s easy to forget how globalized we’ve become!

  3. Wow, what a looker! How wonderful to have these old photos. Thank you for sharing. It’s fun to see how people looked and dressed in the past. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Thank you for sharing these. I lost both my grandmothers at an early age – earlier than losing my mother at 18 – so these feel extra extra special to me. Beautiful.

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