Cooking for One: Baked Eggs


I love sharing recipes that you can cook for one, since that’s what I am normally doing! Obviously you can cook any of these recipes for more than one person. One of my favorite things to make is baked eggs. At home I have mini cast iron pans that I love making baked eggs in and they are just perfect for a single serving.


I always include herbs, depending on what’s growing and what I have on hand. For the ones I made today, I used chives. But I love using sage, thyme, or oregano. I often include proscuttio or sauteed greens too.


I have so much fun experimenting with this recipe. I often toss arugula or fresh greens on top with creme fraiche or with my favorite hot sauce, Secret Aardvark! I am constantly changing it up! Thanks to my sister Lizzy for teaching me how to make these eggs.

Baked Eggs

1 egg

2 Tablespooons cream

A little butter

Sea salt

Fresh ground pepper

Fresh herbs

Proscuitto (optional)

Shallots or onions and/or garlic

Mushrooms (optional)

Toss a little butter into a pan and let it melt. Put in cream and crack an egg. Add herbs, proscuiotto, onions, and whatever else you like. Cook in the oven on 350 for around 10-15 minutes. Top with greens and creme fraiche if you like. Eat with bread! Yum!

baked eggs

baked eggs for oneDSC_9345

Photos and styling: Chelsea Fuss. Taken in Brittany, France. Model: Sarah Ally.


  1. I love your photography and your natural and realistic settings. So many pictures on blogs are beautiful, but so overly styled and contrived it gets tiresome. Same thing for magazines. I enjoy your uniqueness and creativity.

  2. Thank you Frolic, for your lovely blog. I stumbled upon it today and I fell in love. Thank you for sharing your honest and beautiful photos 🙂

  3. I’ve done these too, excellent with my own fresh eggs. My recipe calls for broiling the cream/butter for 3 minutes, in the mini baking pan. Then broil for 7 minutes, or til yolk is soft, fast and easy! White ceramic baking dishes are what I got….

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