Make: A Spring Bouquet

spring bouquet

During the spring, I love making little bouquets as surprises for friends, just because. Make this easy spring bouquet for a friend or loved one in just a few minutes. Get creative with ingredients, looking around you for free foraging materials in abandoned lots or your own backyard.

Flower Recipe:

muscari- 3 stems

lily of the valley- 1 grower’s bunch with leaves

crabapple- 1 branch

jasmine- 1 stem

hyacinth- 1

How to Make It:

Remove any excess leaves from the bottom of stems. Remember, any leaves left under water will create bacteria and make the bouquet age faster. Create the bouquet by adding a few stems at a time, and turning the bouquet as you go. Tie off with twine! Wrap in newspaper and gift to your friend who should clip the stems again, just a little and put in water straight away!

Enjoy! Happy Spring!



P.S. If you’d like to learn the art of flower arranging, you can take my online course right here.

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  1. Thanks Chelsea! Loved the bouquet recipe and would enjoy doing the class sometime.
    Hope you had a wonderful blessed Easter!!

    Shirley xoxox

  2. I took your class and loved it! I’m doing wedding bouquets left and right because of your training (and my lifelong love of flowers)…


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