Musky Wildflower Bouquet

Lilac 2

Flower recipe :

10 stems Queen Anne’s Lace

5 stems Lilac (substitute Butterfly Bush in the late summer)

5 stems Scabiosa (dark purple)

3 stems Money Tree or Pea vine.

Short, round vase with aprox 4″ wide mouth. Mine is from Lilith Rockett.

Basic flower arranging tips:

If you are picking flowers from a garden, pick them early in the morning or in the evening when they are fully hydrated. Once home, re-cut the stems (at a diagonal angle) and let them soak in water for a few hours. Keep in a cool, dark place. 



1. Remove the leaves from the lower portion of the flower. I usually keep any leaves 1″ -2″ under the blossom. Everything else should be removed.

2. Bunch together a few stems of Queen Anne’s Lace. Set into water on one side of vase. Repeat for the Money Tree and Lilacs. Cut the stems short enough so the blossoms are resting on the side of the vase. The stems from each group of flower will hold each other up.

3. Leave the Scabiosa stems a little longer and add them arching from the top of the arrangement. 

4. Trim and add flowers as they please your eye.

5. Keep away from bright sunlight and drafts. Change water daily.


 Photos + text copyright Chelsea Fuss