My Life in Sourdough: Season 2 Launch + Giveaway!

my life in sourdough

Exciting news! Season two of My Life in Sourdough launches today! In case you are new to the series, you can read our interview with Marie, the filmmaker, about season one right here. This homemade web series is about a French girl in Brooklyn navigating love and cooking, with an emphasis on her passion for baking sourdough bread. Each episode also pairs with a recipe video and a life changing tip. In season two, the main star is Fluffy, her sourdough starter. Here is the adorable trailer for season two:

To celebrate the launch of season two, we are giving away a sourdough starter sent straight from Marie with a jar, wooden spoon, and a notebook full of bread making tips from Marie! To enter your name to win, leave a comment with your favorite line or favorite episode of the series. Good luck! Read our exclusive interview with Marie below!

Did you have anything you wanted to do differently this season?

I really wanted the main character to be in a relationship this time around. And, I guess the relationship she is in, with her sourdough starter, really explains why she has been single all along. 

Any big inspirations for the new season?

Making bread was definitely an inspiration. I love this sentence by Jean Anouilh “I like reality, it tastes like bread.” This new season is really absurd. I always wanted to make the sourdough starter talk and soon enough he became the star of the show! One of my references for this were Ionesco and also the film Her by Spike Jonze. But I am also really inspired by my awesome crew without whom I could not have made this second season.

sourdough season 2

What’s your latest cooking or food obsession at the moment?

Beyond sourdough bread you mean? I’ve been making cinnamon brioche with my sourdough starter and that’s been quite a treat! Recently I’ve been in the editing room a lot so I’ve been eating and cooking eggs for  my dinners. It’s fast and simple and you can experiment with it so it’s different every time- kind of! When I run out of bread, I make soldiers out of blue cheese. I also discovered truffle salt which can really bring a soft-boiled egg to a completely new level.

sourdough season 2

What other new projects should we be looking for from you this year? 

I’m developing a feature film set in the rural East of France about a 13 year old French girl obsessed by kissing who falls in love with a cow. I’d also love to take My Life in Sourdough on a road trip. So I am working on a documentary-fiction about the revival of sourdough bread in this gluten-free era.

Tell me a bit about your new nomadic lifestyle! What’s the plan and/or inspiration for it?

You definitely were an inspiration! Though I have not packed as efficiently as you yet. I decided that my priority this year was to make films so I am more flexible as a nomad. I’ve always admired the gypsy lifestyle. I am going to be traveling and shooting in France and in Romania this summer then back in the US.

my life in sourdough season 2

Big congrats are in order for Marie, as this series is a selection for Tribeca Film Festival! Read more here. Watch the first episode of Season Two right here, and if you are new to the series, start with season one right here (also you can watch right here just below!) And, don’t forget to leave your favorite line or episode in the comments for a chance to win your own sourdough starter and bread tip kit! My favorite episode is the dancing on the rooftop.

Follow Marie on Instagram at EstOuest and My Life in Sourdough here.

All photos courtesy of My Life in Sourdough. Giveaway open to international readers and ends May 1st.


  1. My favorite is “Dancing on the Rooftops” too, but until now I thought that was the last one! So excited to catch up and see the new ones too!

  2. I just noticed that this fenomenal serie exist, just when i saw your on you IG, so i only watched the first one from the season 1. I like, the colors, the way of filming and she!! but first of all the message!!

    thank you for sharing and for this amazing giveaway!

  3. Oh my God, this is so fun! Just watched a bunch and snuck in and watched the first episode of season 2. “You’re very attractive…for a starter.” I could pick out a favorite in each episode, “sorry I have to go, that was my boyfriend” . Can’t wait to watch them all! Plus I am kind of a bread whore and would love to try Marie’s starter. It could be the beginning of something wonderful!

  4. “I know you make me rise in mysterious ways” had me choke on my coffee.

    I found Marie last time you linked to her project, and I think she’s so funny and talented. I may be biased, since she’s a bread gal, and I live with a bread guy. What can I say? I like people who make bread. I like their calm and their ritual-like routine when they’re getting ready to play with dough.

    I hope you enjoy your time in Romania, Marie. I’d be happy to help with free Romanian language practice.

  5. How fun!!
    So excited for this season, it’s one of my goals this year to make my own sourdough bread!

    My favorite episode is from last season, when Marie’s character makes scones for the cute boy who is giving her a dance lesson. After all the work to make the scones, he not only doesn’t eat sugar, but he also has a boyfriend! Ahh the trials of dating! (Or in this case trying to date)

  6. Just began a sourdough starter Tuesday morning after watching all of the videos. So beautiful and inspiring! And very funny. “But you’re off–I like off!”

  7. My favorite episode is 6am pasta. Love the idea of cooking and making fresh pasta while on a date. Fluffy the starter…reminds me of the lovely sourdough in San Francisco. =)

  8. I know I’m late to comment but my favorite episode is 6am Pasta from last season. It’s quite romantic cooking and making fresh pasta whilst on a date. Would love tips on how to bake bread. This is such a fun series to watch!

  9. I guess I am late to this contest. But I am new here and found this blog totally by accident through a photo I saw on interest … And somehow wound up here and am glad that I did. I love to bake bread and am new to sourdough. I have a feeling I will be spending some time catching up on these webisodes. So fun! They are right up my alley and I can’t wait.

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