Flowery Notes No. 2

tokketok 2
Some new flowery finds from around the web and real life too:

jacaranda lotion
Benamor, a classic Portuguese beauty brand, has just rebranded and added a couple of new fragrances which I am loving. Jacaranda and Rose! I’ve tested each in person and am a fan. I recently had a chance to meet the people behind Benamor (I rarely if ever go to these blogger events but I already loved the brand) and hear about their simple, paraben free recipes (7 ingredients!), and the story behind the company. If you visit Lisbon, this is a great little souvenir or you can find at select stores abroad.
Saipuia’s new website is one of my favorite things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s feels incredibly different. Sarah places flowers in new contexts that feel unusually inspiring.
tokketok 1
Tokketok’s new Flower Notes!
frolic flowery notes
Lucy Auge’s new work and exhibit text:
Following on from her premier exhibition 500 Flowers, Lucy Auge presents a continuation into her exploration of flora with 175 Flowers another speculator capture of nature. Allowing herself a winter to a mass this array of pictures.

The fluidity of her style, has a almost meditative and cathartic nature to it, able to capture the essence plants through her use of inks. Looking more towards how the light interacted with each specimen Lucy works have become abstract, with a level of focus on shape and composition rather than the subject itself.

“Sometimes I just paint the shadow of the plant that would shine onto my paper.” – Lucy Auge

*Piece featured is from a different series, but I loved the navy background.
camellias sophia moreno bunge
Another florist’s posts I love following are the posts of Sophia. I think she’s doing some really interesting things with negative space, and incredible arrangements in ceramics. Check out her blog and instagram for more inspiration.

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Photos: Tokketok, Frolic!, Saipua, Tokketok, Lucy Auge, Sophia Moreno Bunge.

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