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Returning to Portland for a short visit is always a treat. There’s never enough time to see everyone and do everything I want to. I don’t base myself in Portland for the trips back, so the visits into the city tend to be of the 24 hour nature. Here are 10 new places I fell in love with this time around. For more favorites in Portland, old and new, check out my Instagram travel guide #frolictravelguideportland. Enjoy!

Neapolitan + Thurman Studios– A perfect mix of old and new, high and low, organic and man-made, this shop, featuring handmade shoes by Rachel Snail Shoes is the loveliest oasis on the corner of NW Thurman. Tucked behind the shop are a plethora of ceramic studios! Thanks for the intro, Jennifer Morris!

Tea Bar– I loved the sparse decoration, colorful, organic logo, and of course, most of all the delicious matcha tea here!

Hello Good Morning– Though it’s a kids shop, adults can’t help but love this folklore shop full of Japanese papergoods, colorful embroidered textiles and baskets, and kitschy wares from around the world. This imaginative, not so serious spot is fun and refreshing for a small little souvenir! Thanks, Cori Kindred for the tip!

Perican Bing– Being a stylist, I go to a lot of shops and see a lot of products, so I have a pretty picky eye. It’s uncommon to find a shop with brands I don’t know or haven’t seen, but Perican Bing, curates such a delightful, refreshing selection of clothing, accessories, papergoods, and art, I added it to my favorites list straight away. Thanks, Jess for the tip!

180– Churros and cortados are always a treat! It was fun to discover food from my new part of the world, right here in Portland! Totally delicious! Thanks, Jen for the tip!

Spielman– Delicous bagels, flavourful cream cheese at this true-to-Portland spot!

Tilikum Crossing Bridge– What a treat to finally get to walk across this new car-free bridge! I realized that though it seems spread out, Portland can indeed be walkable.

Nike Biketown– I didn’t get to try these out, but be aware of the new bike share system in Portland. Be sure to bring a helmet and stay off major thoroughfares like Burnside where there aren’t a lot of bikers.

Little Otsu– I was familiar with this shop and had visited years ago at their SF location, but their new Portland location, featuring papergoods from around the world, including some European and Japanese lines I’d never seen, had me downright giddy!

What are your favorite new Portland spots?

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