A Weekend in Portland: 5 Must-Sees!

bagallini frolic

I am back in the states for a couple of months before I move move back to Europe. I’ve had fun popping back into my hometown of Portland for work and visits with friends. My lovely friend Dara (above with Baggallini’s Grace Tote) was kind enough to host me. This tote is so awesome because it fits a laptop but it’s sleek enough to dress up or down. Whenever I visit Dara, we love soaking up the dreamy Portland summer days by cycling around on our vintage Raleigh bicycles! Yesterday we did the Pedalpalooza and it’s such an amazing feeling when the bicycles overtake the roads. Portland in the summertime is a dream with overflowing wild gardens of poppies, mock orange, and roses, leafy green trees lining streets, and the sun shining like crazy (always a novelty here)! I usually head to Portland from the Columbia River Gorge.

bagallini frolic glasses

I love taking Amtrak train #28, “The Empire Builder,” that goes right along the Columbia River (highly recommend!). I always pack headphones because when I look out the window along with a soundtrack, it feels like I am living in a film! I also bring my favorite reading materials, notebooks to jot notes down, sunglasses, and a hat. I am a true Portlander, and although I love the sun, I have to protect myself from it as I am heat sensitive.


I love this little red backpack from Baggallini, “The Excursion Sling”Β comes with a change purse for carrying your phone or extra small items. It makes the perfect pack for pedaling!

portland old town

Portland’s lovely Old Town.

red backpack

Here’s a quick list of my must-sees in Portland:

Brunch at Broder

Wander through Alder and Co.

Ride a bike across one of the bridges and along the river (I can’t wait for the car free bridge coming this summer!)

Coffees at Courier

Dinner at Beast! ( it’s a splurge that’s well worth it!)

Don’t forget to bring an empty stomach! The main tourist attraction in Portland is the food!

And, exciting news! Leave a comment by June 25 to win one of these Baggallini bags! There will be two winners. One will receive the Grace Tote, and the other will receive the Excursion Sling. Leave a comment letting me know which bag you’d like, and follow Baggallini on InstagramΒ for a chance to win. If you’d also like to share with me your favorite place to eat in Portland, I’d love to hear!

Check out more great bags through Baggallini’s social media links below:






Photos: Chelsea Fuss. This post is sponsored by Baggallini. Giveaway open to International readers. Starring my beautiful friend, Dara, and her vintage Dunelt bicycle. Thank you, Dara!


  1. ooh! Just followed them on Insta and I’d love the Excursion Sling for zipping around town on my bike!

    These Portland tips are great, I’ve never been but it’s on my short list for sure.

  2. hey! great round up. And both of those bags are great. The tote looks good for market runs, and excursions with my babes.
    and here we go…Ned Ludd, Luce, Sweedeedee, Lovely Fifty Fifty, Milk Market, and Maurice!oh, and Christopher David for coffee and outside daydreaming.

  3. Thanks for the reminder of train travel. I’ve been trying to think about a memorable trip my kiddos and I could go on.
    When I’m in Portland, I try to pop by Broder, Dove vivi or sweedeedees.
    I would be interested in the sling bag. It’s super cute and would be such a practical fit for me! I imagining using it while riding to work.

  4. Love the photos, Chelsea! Wish I could visit Portland at this time of the year. It is such a beautiful place with so many interesting shops!

  5. I like the Excursion Sling from Baggallini. The red color really makes everything pop! Our favorite place in Portland was the International Rose Test Garden with over 8,000 roses.

    I follow @baggallini on Instagram as @orchidlady01.

  6. I’d love the Excursion Sling! I was just researching small backpacks today. I need a more stylish way to carry supplies for the kids – sunscreen, wipes, granola bars, etc!

  7. Great photos, thnx! Both baggs are awesome! But I’d pick the Excursion Sling in black because it would be great to have a good backpack in this size. I’ve never been to Portland so no recommendations. Already a follower in Insta. thnx! E

  8. the grace tote is amazing!! Great size, love all the colors.

    I second the international rose test garden… I say it’s what heaven is like…

    I follow on Instagram (@orangesparrow)

  9. Both of those bags are lovely, but the tote would be perfect for me.

    I’d add Olympic Provisions for brunch as a good, slightly out of the way bet.

  10. Both of these Bags are wonderful. I Love the Grace Tote Bag a little more, be great for so many uses. I would be Happy with either one, they are Beautiful. I am Following on Instagram as rosemarie1957. I also Follow on pinterest as Rose4237, and on twitter as Rosemarie724, and of course Big Fan on Facebook.

  11. The Grace Tote would be perfect for me to carry when I leave on vacation. The International Rose Test Garden is a wonderfully beautiful sight to see. I hope to return within a few years.

  12. I love the excursion sling! I visited Portland a couple of years ago during July – you’re right about it being an amazing place to be in the summertime. We loved lunch at the food trucks and dinner at the many craft brewery pubs!

  13. oh I love Portland! Would love to go back again to check it out after the car free bridge is up and running. I absolutely LOVE Powell’s Books and wished we had one where I am from. After perusing through endless amount of books, I love stopping by Deschutes for a cold drink and a quick bite. The excursion sling would be perfect for my next trip out there πŸ™‚

  14. I’d love the sling! Perfect size and lightweight, just the thing for travel and everyday. I’ve heard great things about Cocotte

  15. My favorite is the red Excursion Sling from Baggallini.I would love to visit Maine again. We enjoyed a cruise to New England/Canada a few years ago and one of our stops was Maine.

  16. Oooh! The excursion sling looks perfect for tossing over your shoulder when dashing out the door! Fun colors, too.

    One favorite place to eat in Portland? Ummmm…
    Okay, here are a few for each meal of the day:

    Breakfast – Zell’s Cafe, The Big Egg, James John Cafe or Helser’s
    Lunch – A Cena, La Bonita, Mee Sen
    Dinner – Gino’s, Nuestra Cocina…would like to try Bete-Lukas

  17. Hey….beggars can’t be choosers….This bag lady would love either bag! Also, be sure to include a visit to one of Portland’s Voodoo Donut shops for decadence!

  18. Welcome home, Chelsea! I have loved following along on your European adventures via Instagram, but I’m sure it must be nice to be home for a bit.

    I love the Excursion Sling & that bright pop of red! And as far as food goes, if you can get in, I had one of the best meals ever at Langbaan.

  19. Welcome back to the states! I’m loving that excursion sling — can totally see myself wearing it for traveling and running errands at home!

  20. I love the excursion sling. And this post is perfect since my husband and I are planning a road trip to Portland for this summer!

  21. The sling would be my pick! Great for travel, carrying to and from work and just meandering around town. Also, I’m in love with Salt & Straw for a creamy dreamy treat, Veritable Quandary (my husband and I had our wedding dinner there in August 2014) for a wonderful & intimate meal, and of course any of Portland’s varied food trucks for a food exploration. We do love that town. And hopefully (jobs willing) we’ll be moving there this fall!

  22. I love both bags–the sling for biking, the tote for work and play. I would be happy with either. If I had to pick, oh! the tote, methinks. For food: Portobello, Dar Salem, Bete Lukas, Jade Patisserie, and AND Cafe: these are my food loves.

  23. Both those bags are fabulous. It has been too long since I’ve been down to Portland – have always had a lovely time when I visit. Usually just wandering about stumbling onto breweries and shops; so good.

  24. Biking with that red backpack would be perfect!
    Have you tried the Cubano at Bunk Sandwiches?

  25. The excursion sling is adorable. My favorite place while visiting Portland was Por Que No on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’ve heard since that it’s “touristy”, but I was with a cute local and it was a memorable day.

  26. I love that tote! (I love the backpack, too, though.)
    Such a good little round-up for the city. Favorite place to eat…hmm…I love Meriwether’s, Broder, and Laurelhurst Market. There are so many good places to eat though. πŸ™‚

  27. Love the tote!

    I went to college in Portland, and then moved back for two years a decade later. What a wonderful city! Back in the day, Old Town Pizza was a favorite (as was grazing at Saturday Market). Food City, indeed!

  28. Very cute bags, and so nicely photographed so we all want to be out on our bikes with our very chic Baggallini bag. I especially like the excursion sling!

  29. I love the tote! I’m a designer who’s always lugging around my laptop. Planning a visit to Portland in the fall and cannot wait to check out your recommendations!

  30. Portland is my neighbor and the most beautiful city i know,concerts shopping and people watching are a favorite and having a beer on sidewalk

  31. I really want to visit Portland because it looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your trip around Portland! Also, thank you so much for the chance to win an awesome Baggallini~I am a bagg lady! @Frolic!

  32. I love backpack purses, as a Mom they make my travels easy & comfy! The Excursion Sling is gorgeous. luv the red!

  33. I love my Baggallini’s, so glad my daughter introduced me to them. I have since done so to my sister and she loves them also. Cannot have enough of them!!!! Love, love, love them….

  34. I love the grace tote bag. I lived Portland in the 90’s and the food scene was just getting started. My favorite was berbati’s for the greek food but I heard it was sold.

  35. I absolutely love the Grace Tote but either one would be fine. Thank you for doing this great giveaway!

  36. Excursion sling! I’m all about backpacks! With three little kids nothing it better or more necessary than hands free! Thanks!!

  37. I wish more people rode bikes…I love riding down the boardwalk along side the beach is my favorite…being in nature and enjoying the fresh air….Life is full of adventure…I often wish I could find the perfect bag for my camera and all the other items needed to carry when riding my bike….I love Baggallini bags….and this Excurstion sling backpack would be perfect….I purchased my first Baggallini bag/purse last summer and I love the quality of the bags as well as all the wonderful compartments inside….

  38. I Love the Grace Tote! I truly Love anything made by Baggallini! Thank You for this Fabulous Giveaway!

  39. I’ve never been to Portland but it’s on my list. Thanks for the suggestions on what to see and do there.

    I think I like the Grace Tote the best but I can’t make up my mind so either one would be great.

  40. I love Baggallini. I’d love to have the Excursion Sling in my collection. Lovely pictures of Portland.

  41. Both of those bags are great, it’s hard to choose, but since I already have a tote and that Excursion Sling is so darn cute, I would choose the Excursion Sling!

  42. I like the grace bag. I enjoy tote bags that zip close. Favorite place to eat in Portland is Paragon.

  43. Love your list of “go to” places, and would love the Excursion Sling in purple, Wow!

  44. Love the Excursion Sling. It looks like the perfect travel bag! As for Portland, it’s been so long since I’ve been there (my brother moved away from there in 2002). One of my favorite memories from a visit is watching the sunset from Cannon Beach with a picnic.

  45. My favorite is the Excursion Sling too! It’s a very convenient bag and very stylish too! And following on Instagram @sassybrina

  46. Hmmm… One for work and one for play. Can’t decide, so I’ll let you choose! Love so many Baggallinis!

  47. I would love to win the Grace Tote. I have always wanted to visit Portland and after seeing your pics and reading your comments, I really want to visit it sooner than later. Thank you for sharing!

  48. I am taking my very first trip to Portland next spring and can’t wait! It’s been on my travel bucket list for a long time. I’ll be taking the train from Vancouver and am so looking forward to soaking in the landscape and getting all introspective. Thanks for sharing your restaurant and cafe faves. I’m a cyclist and am inspired to spend some time riding around the city while I’m there. The Expedition Sling would be my pick. Love it!

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