Cooking for One: Summertime Carrot Salad

summer carrot salad

Shopping for vegetables is like shopping for flowers. Choose the freshest, most local and seasonal, get inspired from there. The latest craze in my house is this Summertime Carrot Salad. Highly recommended for the 102f temperatures we’ve been experiencing here.

carrot salad

Summertime Carrot Salad

Ingredient list: carrots, onion, leek, pistachios, tumeric salt, pepper, coconut oil.

1. Grate a few carrots right onto the plate.
2. Finely chop 1 or 2 onions and leeks and add to the carrots.
3. Slice a handful of pistachios and add to the mix.
4. Add tumeric salt and pepper.
5. Toss together with generous amounts of coconut oil.
6. Garnish with fresh green herbs(optional).

Enjoy! I couldn’t believe how tasty this was! The tumeric and coconut oils blend together beautifully with the carrots for a punchy, flavourful, fresh, summer salad.

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Photos and recipe: Frolic!

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