Eating Outdoors + Getting to Know My Food

england outdoor feasts

One of the reasons I was so excited about living on farms this past summer, was to be closer to my food. It was amazing to feed and take care of the animals in France that we ended up eating. In England, the family I lived with held a roast for one of their lambs and I loved seeing the process and prep. Some people get weirded out by it, it was strange for me at first to feed the chickens every day and then see their little bodies in the freezer, but it was also so encouraging to know exactly where my food was coming from and to get closer to that process. The next best thing is being able to eat out of doors. I try to eat outdoors as much as I can, even in the fall and winter. Here are a few pics from our lovely outdoor feasts this summer in England. Below, a neighbors barn, transformed into a party scene for the evening.

england bbq

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