French Countryside Flower Garden


More and more I am drawn to spaces, whether interior or exterior, that are a bit undone, unknowingly beautiful instead of perfectly designed and planned. I guess that’s why I was so absolutely charmed by Anna and Patrick’s garden in the Brittany region of France. They work incredibly hard on their garden but it has such an effortless, romantic feel to it. The house is covered in trumpet vine and roses and outdoor rooms are defined with cobblestone, umbrellas, and old French park chairs. A gazebo is covered in roses and a hammock hangs in a corner of the flower gardens beckoning you each time you walk by. When I was there it was hydrangea season so all the shrubs were at their peak. The door below leads to a cellar of wines and jams. You can see a charming little video we made in the garden right here. I wish I could give you a tour in person, but this visual walk through will have to do for now.

DSC_7802DSC_7816DSC_7825DSC_9495DSC_7831DSC_7732Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Starring Sarah Ally and Le Chat.


  1. Another fantastic post Chelsea! So wish I was there right now! I love the garden so much…. it is just amazing. When I get some decent pics, I will send them to you so you can see my new grassless front yard!! Coyote Gardens (Sloan) did it for me!


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