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I am so happy to introduce a sponsor of Frolic! today. Fine Artist Made is a husband and wife duo from Maine. Together Joyce and Patrick, both artists, craft furniture and restore houses, including their own historic farm in Downeast Maine. Here's their house, below, with wild lupines growing in front. Beautiful, no? You can see the before and after photos over on their site.


PatStudio after

Fine artist made

The furniture these two make is completely charming with my favorite being these adorable little freestanding, kitchen cupboards which you can purchase at the Fine Artist Made Etsy Shop.


Fine Artist Made:


Etsy Shop


Photos: 1,3,4-Sandy Agrafiotis. 2,5. Fine Artist Made.

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  1. how do I love this post? let me count the ways… 1. um, Maine. 2. painted wood floor in the kitchen. 3. lupines in bloom (sooo PEI). 4. lovely spacious studio with my fave director’s chair in it. 5. the cheeky splatter table on their shop site. 6. did I mention Maine? 7. the colour of the stool in their ad on your site – best. thanks!

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