new obsession: staub pots and pans


I love Staub pots and pans. I am saving my pennies for this one but I already splurged and bought an itsy bitsy little pan like this! I love mini dishes, especially since I cook for one. I can make an itsy bitsy casserole, a tiny serving of baked mac and cheese, a little tiny baked egg, etc. Haha! It's too fun.

P.S. I kind of prefer these to Le Creuset. Just a tad prettier when it comes to the designs and colors.


  1. It is probably silly to love a pot because of its handle, but I do. I especially like the coq au vin chicken handles.

  2. Interesting…I was just about to put the la creuset one on our wedding registry, going to check these out now! I like mini servings too, but I generally cook for two of us (one one of us has hollow six foot six legs!!)

  3. Yes! I love Staub and have been so loyal to them.

    I hear lots of reports of a drop in quality in Le Creuset and that they’re now manufactured in China (though vintage Le Creuset is still brilliant!). I was just lusting over Staub on the weekend too!!

  4. I’m totally with you. The style (and perhaps the quality) is just a step above. I was lucky enough to receive a black coq au vin pot from my bf this past birthday and it was exactly what I really wanted!

  5. I’m, too, falling in love with Staub and I was just served food in the mini (that you got!) at a restaurant. Which made me love it even more! What a treat. I think I might need a mini just for myself.

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