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I hosted Easter dinner this year for a small group of family members. Though I had big plans, in the end, it was all pretty spontaneous. Lizzy and Mom helped me execute a food menu I had dreamt up and we hit the farmer's market early Saturday morning for all our ingredients. My mom also brought chives and eggs from her garden for us to use.



We ate:

Radishes with sweet cream butter and a selection of salts.

Brioche rolls with chive butter.

Baked eggs with cream, leeks, chives, and prosciutto. Topped with arugula and creme fraiche. Served in mini cast iron pans to each guest.

Roasted asparagus.

We drank:

Herb infused water with ginger and lemon peel.

For dessert:

Ricotta cheesecake with rhubarb and raspberry sauce.

Easter 5 Easter 3

Hope you had a lovely Easter, Passover, and/or weekend! -Chelsea

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.

Recipes: Baked eggs- find similar recipe at Elizabethfuss.com. Brioche rolls- Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Ricotta cheesecake- Bon Appetit, May 2011.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! In response to the questions: Like I said in the post, no I didn’t cook all of these things. I came up with the menu and my mom and sister helped with some of the dishes. Easter is a big deal in our family, we like to make it nice. 🙂 Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

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