my apartment project: the vision


Last week I showed you images of my apartment as is. Now I can show you the fun dreamy stuff. I am excited to have the assistance of Elizabeth Dye on this project. You know her for wedding dresses, but she's actually got a whole slew of other talents and titles up her sleeve including Interior Designer.


I am not out to do anything too fancy. I want a comfy, cozy, girly, organized apartment that is efficient and fun for living, working, and entertaining. Now that I am in my thirties, I am after something a little bit grown-up. I like English. I like a bit of pink. I like floral patterns and mixing patterns. I don't like things to look too perfect. I don't want it to actually look like I had an Interior Designer helping me. I'd say my style is traditional with a youthful twist (I don't want to grow up entirely!).


Haha! This photo is a bit over the top! Elizabeth and I both agreed that I should use things I have and only make a few, thoughtful purchases.One thing I do have is a lot of gingham! I have about 50 yards left over from a project (Ha! I am sure you can guess which project, if you read this blog a lot). So that will most certainly be appearing somewhere.

More of my inspiration here. I've also added a new category to the left called "My Apartment Project" so you can follow the series. 

Photos: Lucky Magazine, Domino Magazine (2,3,4), The Selby for NY Magazine


  1. I’ve always adored the Amanda Peet room! I go back to it time and again just to stare. You have great style – I can’t wait to see how your place evolves.

  2. These images are so you! I’ve been thinking about some changes too and you’re definitely inspiring me. I’m especially intrigued by the decision to live in one room and turn the bedroom into an office space. I’ve been struggling to keep my work accessible, but not always visible, in my one-bedroom and this might be a solution!

    I’m so excited by this series. You’re brilliant for sharing it!

  3. These images make me think of how I would like my apartment to look! I look forward to seeing how your projects pan out and what your place will finally look like!

  4. Would it be crazy to “paper” the walls of a smaller space in the gingham? Wrap homasote panels with the gingham and then affix to the wall at the corners? The panels are typically 4 x 8 at Home Depot, insanely inexpensive and have the added bonus of being perfect bulletin boards. Also easy to cut. So depending on your ceiling height you might not need to do too much in the way of construction. Just a thought… maybe totally insane!
    Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

  5. fabulous! I’m living without roommates for the first time so I also am making it more “me” little by little….still lots of work to do!

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