petit bateau

Petit bateau

Katy Elliott tipped me off to the Petit Bateau sale. I've often lingered over their clothes when shopping but I've only splurged once when my first nephew was born. For the record, I think their collaboration with Tsumori Chisato is absolutely brilliant! The sale prices are decent considering that these clothes are so well made (7 miles of yarn in one shirt!). More of my picks over here.


Photos: Petit Bateau.


  1. Petit Bateau is really well-made. I bought a kid size 14 striped sweater for myself, I’ve worn it so much for the past 4 years and it still looks great.

  2. I love their stuff and so timeless. My nieces have a very fancy friend that they get Petit Bateau hand-me-downs from. When you open the bag everything looks brand new. It wears so well!

  3. I love Petit Bateau, I got the classic striped t-shirt when over in Paris, I had to stop myself from wearing my beret, french stereotype overkill!

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