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"I think we grow up as girls having to deal with a lot of oppressive beauty myths. And Anne is a girl who fails by all standards of what is acceptable and beautiful. She's not pretty. She's not rich. She has no parents. But through sheer exercise of will she makes the world understand how beautiful she is. It's her specialness, her ability to transform how people perceive her, that audiences, particularly girls, want to believe in." 

Megan Follows on her character, Anne Shirley.

Photo by Deborah Feingold. Quote from here.


  1. What a beautiful photo! My lord, how I loved Anne when I was in school… I own both the first and second series on VHS (sadly not DVD) and all the books. My dad did the lettering for the books back in the early 90s so I got them all for free!

  2. oh beautiful!! what a gorgeous picture! im such a huge fan of the books…
    i sat up and watched the ‘Anne of Green Gables – The Continuing Story’ the other night actually, it was on Christmas night… loved it!

  3. Anne has always been my favorite since I was a young girl. Every Sunday for years the only show we were allowed to watch was Anne of Green Gables or Anne of Avonlea.

    I always thought she was so beautiful and strong willed. I love her creativity, art, passion, and persistence.

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