How to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers

Ok I spent many years working in and running a flower shop. During Valentine’s season, there’s nothing like the slew of men that come in like little puppy dogs, wide eyed, and confused about what Valentine’s Day flowers to buy their better half. It’s very sweet, and funny, and makes me laugh! However, I’ve noticed that they seem to one, be confused about what to buy or two, seem really set on something very traditional! At the end of the day, gosh it really doesn’t matter. How sweet that they want to buy flowers and adorable that they are so conscientious that it be just right. The times I’ve received flowers, I didn’t really care what they looked like, though I can’t say I haven’t rearranged some:) I just loved the thought that even though I was a florist, they went to the effort (florists love flowers too, maybe more so!!). At any rate, I really feel people get overwhelmed and need more guidance! Here are some tips for guys or gals who are buying flowers this Valentine’s Day: