Simple Flower Arranging: Foraged Spring Wreath

I am so excited to share a new series of posts on Frolic! today about simple and natural flower arranging. All the posts will share tips for flower arranging using all natural techniques devoid of wire or foam or traditional floristry tools. Today’s project: a foraged spring wreath.

I was inspired by the meadows in Portugal full of apple blossoms and grasses and lovely soft materials right now. I made this wreath by braiding together vines, grasses, and any medium weight stems I could find, just like you would hair! You could also attach it on to a wreath base like this for more support. Add twine to support, where necessary but once you get the base going, start weaving materials in. Add lightweight, delicate flowers last. Sprtiz with water and store in the fridge in a plastic bag until ready to use! You could add more delicate flowers the morning of your event.

Thank you to Fifty Flowers for making this series possible!


  1. Chelsea, I’m looking forward to giving this technique a try. Your wreath is so lovely and romantic. Thank you for all you share.

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