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Hello Internet friends!

Checking in to say Hello! I landed back in the USA a couple of weeks ago for a visit and it’s been lovely to see family and friends before I prepare for a big move. Going on this 10 month journey kind of changed my life. It’s been great and just what I needed. I am now excited to delve into more creative projects and hopefully settle into a new home for a while. Here’s some of the work I’ve been doing and links I wanted to share:

My favorite places to fika in Visby, Sweden for Conde Nast Traveler.

An interview with my friend Sean about my journey farming and adventuring across Europe. In case you are curious.

New posts I wrote about gardening from sweet pea tips to growing healthy citrus.

Above you see some snaps of my favorite city,  Lisbon, Portugal. I’ll be sharing a lot more posts about the journey and some travel tips I learned on the way. For now, I am enjoying hanging with family and friends, helping my mom plant roses, and enjoying the solitude of the countryside again.

What’s inspiring you this May?!



Photos from my Instagram!


  1. I’m headed to Portugal for 2 weeks at the end of July! Would love your tips! Flying into Porto and out if Lisbon, researching potential stops in between now 🙂

  2. So happy for you, Chelsea! Sounds like you have found a perfect nesting place!
    Love all the beautiful photos!!

    See you soon,

    Shirley xox

  3. I’m going to Scandinavia and Finland. I also have my ferry tickets for my trip to Visby and my hotel reservation for Visby. I will go to the fika places you named. Thanks, Chelsea.I’m leaving Stockholm for Visby from Nynashamn.

  4. Really loved seeing your beautiful photos of Lisbon, as I spent a month there myself last summer. They really took me back!

  5. hello, I’m a fan of your blog.
    I’m from Lisbon and I was very proud when i saw the photos of my city on your blog. Lisbon is an amazing city, with and incredible light.
    you have to came back to visit the coast. unbelievable.

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