spring cooking + happy weekend!

sophie dahl

Recently I picked up Sophie Dahl's new cookbook. I haven't used any of the recipes yet but I love how short and sweet they are. The photos by Jan Baldwin are just really stunning. Normally I eat out a lot but I've been enjoying my kitchen lately, perhaps inspired by this beautiful book. 


I've been experimenting with extremely simple dishes and it's made the task of cooking a lot less daunting. Sometimes when you cook for one, it's easier to buy a few of your favorite ingredients and mix them up together, to taste, instead of following recipes.

spring salad radishes

The other day I made this spring salad with English peas, radishes and watercress. I added a bit of creme fraiche, olive oil and salt and pepper. My sister teases me about  my creme fraiche obsession. I try to add it to everything. It was delicious!

Hope you all have a lovely spring weekend!

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Love! I haven’t bought any of her cookbooks and I usually hate celeb-type stuff, but I find her very endearing…something about her has always drawn me in.

  2. I love Sophie Dahl’s cookbooks. The recipes are great, healthy, interesting yet not complicated. Plus, she is a wonderful writer with sense of humor, all in all I recommend both her cookbooks. The one Chelsea feature here, plus “Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights.” Both great cookbooks and reads, with SOUL!

  3. that looks great !
    I’m just on a great salad journey myself and seeing how raw you keep you seasoning and ingredients..
    nice inspiration !
    next time at few flowers buds 🙂

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