photo credit posters now available!


Most of you remember a few months ago I wrote this post about crediting blog photos. It got a few of us talking and Pia Jane Bijkerk ended up creating this print as a fun (and pretty!) reminder for people. Many of you wrote asking to buy the print and I am happy to announce that the prints are now for sale through Mammoth. Read more about it and enter to win one over on Pia's blog!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this cause and made a greater effort to credit. I'll certainly be buying a poster to hang in my studio for my own reminder. If you would like to learn more about crediting photos you can read my post here or a post by Design Sponge right here.

Photos: Pia Jane Bijkerk.


  1. I never use other people’s photos, I’m so in fear of horrible repercussions. Sometimes I won’t put up a post because I haven’t found a photo to go with it, and I’m not going to steal someone elses!

    Great new poster though.

  2. This is such a cute idea, although the world of copyright law is a scary and hazy place. I often wonder if creating inspiration boards with proper linking and credit is still an infringement, if you don’t have specific permission to use said images.

    Pinterest is my new fave, but now I must check out heart it and fffound.

  3. That’s awesome. I actually have a friend who has no problem posting my pictures on her Flickr account without any credit, whereby it is implied they are hers. Yes, I have learned my lesson.

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