anna mae bread company

Anna mae

Remember our friend, Shana? She was the bride in this super romantic elopement story! Well, Shana is now the owner of a booming business. Anna Mae Bread Co. was inspired by Shana's grandmother who had a passion for baking bread in her Tennessee home. After a little trial and error with the business, Shana discovered the recipe was a big hit in roll form and now Anna Mae Rolls are available across the country. The rolls are twice-risen and take Shana and her team 24 hours to make! They come in frozen form inside these adorable letterpress bags (by Hammerpress) and Shana says they are perfect for sliders! My mouth is watering over the flavors: Cheddar & Chive and Sweet Potato & Molasses.


"My husband and I were reunited after 6 years apart and eloped soon after, but this is truly a continuation of that story… being able to honor my grandmother's legacy for a living, and being with my husband at last, I have truly found my way home. It has all been nothing short of a miracle in my life."-Shana

Photos: Anna Mae Bread Co.



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