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Call me shallow, but I am suddenly excited for the royal wedding. I think it's good fun and I wish I lived in England so I could party and have the day off (and stalk Harry). I love this video about the flower arrangements. It looks like the flowers are going to be pretty! I spy white lilacs and lily of the valley! Are you all watching? Readers in England, are you having a party?

P.S. The florist for the wedding is the amazing Shane Connolly

P.P.S. I am Live Tweeting the Royal Wedding! Follow me over here if you care to! I'm @frolicblog

Video from The Royal Wedding Website.


  1. You are actually waking up and watching it at 3am!?! Such dedication. I too want to see her dress…and Harry.

  2. I too am giddy about the flowers, the dress, and the jewels, and blah, blah. I don’t plan on watching it but I will probably spend a good chunk of my morning checking out the pictures.

  3. Ooh – euphorbias! I bought a sprig of white lilac yesterday at a florist that does royal flowers – now I’m thinking maybe it was a wedding leftover?! I’m up way too early today, probably earlier than Kate!

  4. I’m in Wales and we’re up, watching the build-up and preparing for a brunch party. I stayed up to decorate with bunting and balloons last night so that my six year old daughter could have a thrill this morning. She is so excited. Her class did a mock wedding in church a few weeks ago and she was a bridesmaid. Such fun. 🙂

  5. You’re not shallow…it’s a big cultural moment (ha, that’s what I’m telling everyone). I watched it and fully enjoyed it, although I got up at 5, instead of 3.

  6. i watched it too, loved every minute of it, even if i did have to get up early. there’s just nothing like it here in the states and that’s what makes it feel special, at least to me.

  7. It’s not shallow!! I don’t think we have to spend 6 days watching all the chatter and talky talk… But I loved the wedding. The BBC stream had no commentary, so it was really just like being there and having the very best seat! Kate looked so very pretty.

  8. Indeed I did! It was a day of street parties and bunting and union-jack cakes, and flag-waving and fancy dress, and I felt exceedingly patriotic. And I thought she really did look lovely…

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