a conservatory apartment

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I've posted before about Madderlake, a pair who made their name in flowers back in the 70's. Madderlake has since transformed into a landscape and architecture firm. I find their portfolio to be quite lovely with my favorite being the apartment of Joel Grey. They transformed a narrow, dark apartment in Manhattan into a series of English conservatories filled with gorgeous light, art, books, and just-plucked-from-the-garden flowers!


  1. Hi Chelsea, happy new year. I loved the photos of the Violet Stevenson book, just gorgeous as all your styling is. This home is fabulous too, I didn’t know that Madderlake was now an architecture and landscaping firm. Love it.

  2. this place feels like an artist’s dream come true… it was designed for someone like me. thank you for sharing this stunning possibility of a future home someday.

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