apron dresses


I love the idea of an apron dress! These two from Steven Alan are lovely, sweet and on sale! 


  1. having a dress with pockets is quite under-rated.

    unfortunately, even with the sale, those are too expensive for me right now or i’d be all over it. but i love their stuff. did you see the photos of the woman who got married in white steven allan overalls?

  2. Hi Leigh!

    Yes I did. I adore that wedding.

    I totally know what you mean! I am hoping to sew an apron dress that’s a little longer as these are both too pricey and skimpy for me:) But, I think they are great inspiration!


  3. I have been in love with that dress on the right for ages (I think I pinned it to my Pinterest board about a month ago), but alas, like Leigh I’m way to poor to buy it even on sale. Maybe some day when I win the lottery (or decide to enter a more lucrative career!).

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