12 things i love about you

Handmade-book 12-things0i-love-aout-you 

Remember these books by Cori Kindred? Last night I learned how to make them at a fun little craft night! While I still need to work on my typewriting skills, I'd like to make more to have on hand for special little gifts. I really like the idea of adding teeny photos in there too! Aren't they sweet? You can buy the labels here. Thanks for the inspiration, Cori!

P.S. You can buy the books by Cori Kindred right here!

Photo by me (of my book, obv.)


  1. ah this one is so cute 🙂
    i love, love, love giving hand made things-esp. since we all have so much junk in our lives these days. your book turned out great!

  2. Aw, how adorable! I might have to “borrow” this craft idea — I’ve been feeling exceptionally romantic lately, and this would be a cute way to channel that!

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