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Lovely ones: I must sign off until Monday. I have work to do and the computer is distracting me! What are you all up to this summer weekend? I was supposed to go to NYC with my friends Jenny + Alison who are venturing there for the very first time this weekend! I couldn't make it after all but I am so thrilled for them. Have fun girls!! 

Another thing I wanted to mention. This week, we lost a member of our blog community. Marija was a reader here who commented quite often. Read this sweet tribute from her husband. She seemed to be the type of person who really lived life to it's fullest. Huge hug to her family, children + friends.

I am headed away to celebrate another lovely lady. My granny's big birthday party is being held this weekend. Happy 101, Grace!

Polaroids taken by me in Chania, Crete. And, since some of you ask, I used 680 SLR with 600 film all found on EBay.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend, celebrating your granny’s birthday!!
    I was so sad when I read about Marija. It is such a great loss, my heart aches for her family.


  2. Have a lovely weekend Chelsea! I’m bummed you couldn’t make it out to NYC – come out soon though, please? And happy birthday to your Gran!

  3. such a loving tribute to marija by her husband. we just never know what can happen and should savor each moment, which you will do with your fantastic grandmother. 101 and counting! happy birthday, grace!

  4. beautiful photos! a question for you: a quick peek on ebay reveals polaroids at a wide range of prices. you don’t have to share psecifics but about how much was your camera?

    so sad to hear about marija but such a lovely tribute from her husband.

  5. I hope you are having a beautiful time with family, Chelsea! Marija’s passing, though I did not know her, has really affected me this week. So, so sad. We must really live and love, as she did, every day.

  6. Kayte: Thanks! I paid way too much for mine (maybe around 100)..but I have a lot of friends who’ve found them at thrift shops for 5 or 10. Also, if you buy the 600 film.. make sure it’s been cold stored otherwise it will be all yellow. All original 600 film is expired by now. You can buy new film at The Impossible Project but it’s totally different!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  7. oh those mustard shutters look wonderfully cheerful. I can almost feel the warmth!
    (I’ve got a woollen blanket over me, it’s winter here in Aussie!)
    happy birthday to your nana, wow!

  8. On your blog today is the first I have heard of Marija. I read the tribute posted by her husband and ones posted on many other blogs. Sounds like she was a wonderful person, wish I would’ve discovered her blog long ago!!
    My great aunt just turned 100 on July 14, her brother lived to be 105 and her mother 102!! Happy Birthday to your Granny!!

  9. oh i love both of those pictures! they are so familiar, but still feel foreign. Polaroid film gives everything instant nostalgia!

    {and I got my poli for 10 dollars at the Melrose Flea Market. What a find!}

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