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Picnic 1
I came across this book, The Great British Picnic Guide, online and would love to get a copy. It maps out the best picnic places in Britain as well as tips, inspiration and recipes for picnicking. Wouldn't it be fun to make one for your own city? I love the little watercolor drawings.

The great british picnic guide


  1. Oh my goodness my neighbour has a car just like the one on the cover of that book! It’s such a funny little thing…makes a toot toot noise out of the exhaust pipe when he starts the engine!

    I say you come down here, we steal the car, and then take a picnic to Golden Gate park!

  2. How perfect for you to post this. On my way home just now, I was thinking about all the English picnicking I will be doing this July and August. Oh, how I cannot wait for picnics in Castle Park…the beach…the cricket club…everywhere!

  3. Fabulous, good spot! I usually pop into a Waitrose (the grocery store producing/selling this book) about five times a week so I could pick one up for you and drop it in the post if you would like? It’s not out for a few weeks so I’ll keep my eye out!


  4. Note to self must get my old morris minor out of the garage! I’m ordering this now…to be read alongside homemade swiss rolls – thanks for finding it! xx

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