liberty at target: thoughts + anticipation

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As a Liberty addict (and a purist!), I've got mixed feelings about this Target Collaboration. The beauty of Liberty is not just in the breathtaking patterns, but in the quality of fabric. If you've ever held a swatch in your hand, you know what I mean! The soft, lightweight cottons are unbeatable. I am hoping the fabrics retain some sort of quality (hopefully better than that awful Rodarte collab!)

The little wallets look darling and I've never liked a long dress until I saw the one above. Anyhow, I will be the one camping out front of the Jantzen Beach Target the night of March 13th. 🙂

Photos from Refinery 29.


  1. Oh thank goodness! With all the blog and interweb buzz about this, it’s a relief to see I’m not the only one who is concerned about quality.

    I have a small textile mania, and going to Liberty is not even remotely like going to a regular fabric store. Every bolt longs to be touched and savored. While the look of the prints might say Liberty, I seriously wonder if the fabrics will have the same kind of hand.

  2. Sprout: Thank you for your comment!! It’s a relief to hear that someone else has the same concerns!

    Susan: Yes, I saw one of the little girl dresses in Oprah’s mag and it looked darling. Fingers crossed for the fabric quality!

  3. They won’t be good quality. If there is one thing we have learned over the past few years it’s that the collaborations are always a little disappointing.

  4. i have been really disappointed with the quality of the designer stuff at target (though i never got a hold of any of the orla kiely stuff; i’m still bummed about that). but i too love liberty (i have some alice in wonderland fabric that i have been afraid to cut into!) and look forward to the new collection. 🙂

  5. i have liberty fabrics i can’t bring myself to cut, so i’m really excited about this line. i love the bicycle they made for target and everything, actually!

  6. thank for the tip! i had no idea about this collaboration! i try to stay out of target, because i end up buying stuff i don’t need, but this will be worth the trip. i’m sewing with some vintage liberty fabrics today. just love it!

  7. Oh it looks so pretty from afar, but like everyone else, I have my doubts about quality. i’m preparing myself for the worst…

    on the bright side, my local fabric store has some lovely liberty prints that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with and finally bought some to make a skirt—-coming soon!

  8. I definitely have mixed feelings about this. I love Liberty and I fear that an affiliation with Target is going to drag down the name and the quality. Here’s hoping the store remains the same.

  9. i’m excited to see it…although overall the execution of the collaborations tend to disappoint me. (although i did love the loeffler randal one 😉

    happy weekend friend!

  10. Living on The Big Island in Hawaii, I’m isolated from trends, so I’m very excited to scope out these goodies at our brand new target here in Kona. Must agree about the Rodarte though. It looked so cool online, but in person it just looked cheap and tarted up. May have to do some online ordering for this collection. The printed watering can is the thing I’ve got my eye on!

  11. so far I’ve really liked the look of the men’s clothing more than the woman’s. maybe I’ll have to get some of the shirts instead of the dresses! and the bike is totally awesome!

  12. i have no hope for high quality fabrics for this line (they have to cut cost somewhere i guess), but it will all be adorable and i will buy some of it to love while it lasts.

  13. i totally agree that the quality will probably be less than ideal, but those wallets look really beautiful (i’m wallet-watching and very picky), so i’m hopeful about that, at least. also (unrelatedly), i walk past the target office furniture store every day and see the worst “art” imaginable and it makes me want to try to get target to follow the example of urban outfitters and collaborate with local artists. oh, it’s so bad. so that’s my beef. . . .

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