daffodil time!


Spring sends me into a flower flurry. All my favorites belong to this season. I've already seen the daffys popping up around Portland! Last spring I created some DIY's/parties centered around this favorite flower.

1. Daffodil Brunch

2. Daffodil Centerpiece.

3. Lemon + Turquoise Party.

Outtake photos by me for Once Wed.

P.S. Such a pretty daffodil story on Design Sponge today!


  1. Ugh, I wish we were that close to spring! We’re still many weeks away from any flowers peeking into the garden in New England, but thankfully we haven’t had too much snow. I did manage to cheat and buy some daffodils at the grocery store this week! 🙂

  2. Our daffodils are just coming up, too. (I live in England.)
    My house is filled with vases of them . . . and I am particularly loving a daffodil/purple hyacinth combo.

    Your arrangements are gorgeous.

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