apartment inspiration


I don't usually post other bloggers' inspiration boards but this collage from The City Sage is a perfect expression of what I'd like my apartment to look like when decorated. I love the youthful, girly version of English style. 

Collage via The City Sage. Photos are originally by: 1,4- Amanda Pratt. 2- Flea Market Style. 3-Perfect English.


  1. aw, thanks for sharing this, miss lovely! i’m especially fond of this one myself–and I can see it being PERFECT not only for your apartment, but for the darling little english cottage we will inhabit when we are expat retirees sipping tea in the cotswolds 🙂

  2. This is perfect! Now throw in a dash of swedish design and some clean swiss lines and I will live in this collage!
    (oh, and can we add a handsome gentleman while we’re at it? 😉 )

  3. Can I join you ladies in the Cotswolds? I’ve been there myself and I absolutely adore it there. Especially the wee village of Painswick. Straight out of a medieval novel,it is, too!

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