kitchen cupboard inspiration

I've spent the last couple of days painting the insides of cupboards and closets in my new place. At the Swedish cottage, there were no hidden spaces to dump and hide all my clutter so I was forced to make every corner pretty and only hold on to what I needed. Now that I'm home, I'd love to continue this habit.

These old apartments tend to be filled with dark, dusty corners which gives me a bit of OCD. Yesterday, I took a paintbrush to the insides of my kitchen cupboards, which were dark wood. My motivation was this photograph from Domino magazine (sorry for the lackluster snapshot). It'd be lovely to have my cupboards look half as charming as this photo. Who knows how long I'd be able to keep them that way, but I might as well try, right? I am currently waiting for a second coat of paint to dry but the shelves look cleaner already!


  1. Hi Martha! The cupboards are already painted a lovely green color so I just painted the insides a creamy white (paint I already had on hand). Yes, I am hoping to add the pretty paper too and will share when it is complete:)!

  2. Painting the insides of cabinets DOES lighten up a room. My antique sideboard had a dark interior so I painted the insides white and WOW! What a quick way to bring in the sunshine to a room! I’m looking forward to photos of your rehab!

  3. Theres is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint on the inside of shelves to make them feel clean and new.

    Those are very pretty shelves. However, it’s hard for my shelves to look quite so darling with big ugly boxes of Kix, raison boxes, etc. I just can’t put everything into cute containers, it just wouldn’t all fit. Plus, it would consume my life time-wise

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