1. What special invites. I love the free-flowing calligraphy & the pattern & colours.
    Do you remember trying your hand at Calligraphy as a schoolgirl? I would practice for hours on “Old Gothic” style lettering!! How much more gorgeous are the modern handwriting styles!
    Thank you for the lovely post.

  2. This calligraphy is exceptionnal: it must be so difficult to invent a new writing, classical, modern and special in the same time!
    The flowers of the wedding were arranged by Saipua… it seams this people just wanted the best for everything!

  3. wait! you are Chelsea? that’s crazy. if I knew how to contact you directly i would, sorry i’m leaving this in a comment. i’ve read your blog for years and love it. Just saw your comment on mine and followed you here. This is oh so very exciting for a newbie blogger like myself. Wanna meet for coffee/drinks while i’m up here? i’ll be here until the 6th at the earliest, the 15th at the latest (long story.) let me know if that interests you. i’m staying in the pearl. And thank you so much for your comments, they are like crack to a new blogger.

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