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A few weeks back I found Linda & Harriett thanks to Grace. Linda & Harriet is the work of Liz Coulson Libré and after looking through her portfolio I was smitten with her work. And it turns out that we either have a whole bunch in common or it feels oddly that way. Well the two most recent weirdest things are the following: Stacey Kane photographed her wedding last September (see below) at Kingsley Pines in Maine, and a photo from the wedding appeared in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Last weekend I went up to a friend’s camp and it turns out Kingsley Pines is just down the road. Weird, right?

Now, I had planned to write about her today, and guess what: it turns out that I should also be wishing Liz a Hippity Happity Birthday! Have fun today!

You can see the slideshow of Liz and John’s wedding on Stacey’s site right here. It looks magical to me.


  1. *sigh* magical indeed. love the linda & harriett website but I adore the wedding slideshow. it’s all so perfect. everything.

    definitely an inspiration. thanks for introducing us to Liz and her company.

  2. hi, elisabeth! loving your guest blogging …. the wedding photos are gorgeous – and it reminded me of how much i love fall – the trees, and the grass, and the scenery was pretty much spectacular.

  3. can anyone tell me the designer of the dress that Liz is wearing at her Kingsley pines wedding? I think it is beautiful! Any help would be great….Thanks 🙂

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