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Z and I have each picked the one thing that matters the most to us for the wedding: for Z it’s the music, for me it’s photography. I found Stacey Kane while researching where all of this is going to happen, and her photos made me cry (in a good way). I think her work is tremendous and her sensibilities are just what you would want in a photographer. We’ve yet to sit down together but I think we will in the next few weeks. I’m thrilled about that.

I will tell you about a very strange coincidence next.

All photos copyright Stacey Kane.


  1. I love those photographs. They just capture the atmosphere perfectly. I love wedding photos that you could easily hang as art as well as a family photo.

  2. I’ll probably put together a wood sign too — I love the look of it and it can’t hurt to point your guests in the right direction if you’re marrying in a rural spot.

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