{guest blogger elisabeth: a garden wedding}


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This invitation is another of my favorites. Liz and Craig were married a few weeks ago in her mom’s garden in Connecticut. The invitation is printed on a 600 gsm stock on both sides, with a full pattern of orchids and ferns printed in fuschia ink, and the text and larger ferns in leafy green and chocolate brown on the front. Printing on the back was an unexpected surprise for guests when they flipped the invitation to find the reply card and envelope.

I’m sorry the photo is so bad, I’ll update it with a better one if I can


  1. these are gorgeous, simple & elegant. I love anything to do with botanical images on paper, really. And can you believe they found those old-school “LOVE” stamps? Impressive.

  2. The old stamps are relatively easy to find! Or were before they were featured in a number of publications. I’ve found a few sheets on eBay by searching for “Love 1981”, excluding the word stamp.

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