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I don’t think having a pig roast means that our reception can’t be casually, simply elegant. But the difficulty of serving dinner family style is that there will be little room for large floral centerpieces. This is just fine by me, I don’t go in for that look except in small doses (as opposed to on 12 tables). I love the look of single blooms in small vases or mason jars, unfussy and maybe with some rosemary and sage tucked in for greenery.

All images from Martha Stewart: top, from Outdoor Living special issue, middle from Weddings “Color” special issue, bottom from Weddings Winter 2005


  1. Gorgeous! I must admit, the 2nd picture (pink & green table from Martha) was part of an article that was the full inspiration for my own wedding. I think it is so charming, sophisticated, but unfussy. Love it and I’m so happy that you do too!

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