favorite holiday posts!

Pine tree dress frolic quince

As usual, the holiday season has flown by! At any rate, I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday posts from the Frolic! archives in case you may need some ideas and how-to's! Hope you enjoy!

Make a Pine Tree Dress!

How-To: A Wild Wreath

Pandoro French Toast with Blood Orange Butter

Colorful Christmas Decorations

Knitting Pattern + Styling Idea for a Speckled Hat

Paperwhite Gift Bags

How to Make a Bay Wreath

Mini wreath cards

Mini Wreath Gift Tags

How to Survive Winter

Mini Wreath Gift Toppers

A Cozy Winter Outfit with a Handmade Collar

Mini Bundt Cake Gifts

A Fragrant Winter Bouquet

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Photos by Lisa Warninger.