Have a Lovely Weekend!

January is always such a drag! I am trying to take it slow and steady and work on the big picture for the year, not putting too much pressure on myself for instant results as I know this is a tough month. With Mercury in Retrograde, I seem to spend a lot of time fixing broken electronics and dealing with that sort of thing! But it’s about taking in gratitude for the small moments like grocery shopping, brightening up my space with orange and yellow tulips, Fado outside my window, and the sound of seagulls in the morning. I am so excited to have a home after a year and a half of hopping around! I am loving my tiny little space and neighborhood. At last I am feeling more settled here in Lisbon. Do you know of any good expat blogs? I’d love to read of other people’s experiences as I noticed long-term traveling actually felt so different than moving here!

I am loving the dreamy world and Instagram of Marin Montagut via Katie Armour Taylor.

Ideas for dealing with this strange time of year. (Thanks, Cori).

Rhubarb as a flower arrangement!

Floret Flower Farm has just launched a line of seeds! Beautiful selections and the packaging!!

Ok that’s all I have for now! Have a lovely weekend!


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Film still by Lisa Warninger from Flower Arranging 101.