Lisbon Travel Guide

lisbon travel guide
I first fell in love with Lisbon in February of 2015 and after traveling back and forth for a few months, officially moved here in September of the same year. Why Lisbon, people ask? I answered that here, but in short, the unpretentious people, the seasonally focused food, the sunshine, and the extremely laid back energy. Lisbon is at times a bit raw, on the rise from a recession, still stuck in the past, but also full of new and interesting places and people.

Included here are just a few of my favorite stops for food, art, gardens, and shopping, that I have visited myself over and over again. Some will be obvious, while others are secrets I am hesitant to share! I am in the process of working on a more comprehensive guide and more in depth posts as well, but for now, here are the places I love to share with visitors.