Linen Home Accessories

linen pillows
Today I am pleased to be partnering with Barn & Willow to share some of my favorite linen home accessories. I´ve just moved into a 200 square foot studio which has already been furnished, so I am on the lookout for bits and pieces to make the place my own. If you know me in real life, you know I am absolutely obsessed with linen! How can you not be. Which is why I simply adore Barn & Willow´s linen drapery! Ahh! My dream is to have a pair of these white linen curtains. I am hoping to move to a slightly larger apartment next year (I adore mine) but I think it will be easier to coerce my family to visit if I have a guest room:) I am imagining these white linen curtains with white stucco walls and an old blue-tiled kitchen.